Benefits of holidays and vacations

The frontline doctors for over 20 years, I have been actively encouraging and motivating my patients, relatives, friends and other people that are regular holidays and vacations. Except for those people who have a serious illness, there are no restrictions to travel and enjoy the freedom. Even the elderly, disabled or pregnant women (after 28 weeks of pregnancy) can travel like everyone else. The benefits of a number of holidays and vacations, both short-term and long-term, but most people do not appreciate the benefits. Only a small percentage as a result of people traveling around the world and harvest the benefits of holidays and vacations. Research has shown that even the workers who are the organizations do not take advantage of paid leave offered by these actions that a few weeks off work.

In this article we briefly highlight some of the benefits of holidays and vacations.

longer, healthier life

According to a survey recently conducted at the State University of New York has shown that people who regularly reduce the freedom of each year, the risk of premature death of about 20 percent. The research also revealed that those who have not celebrated all over the 5-year risk of high mortality rates and a higher incidence of heart disease. This is explained by the fact that during the holidays people are happier, more relaxed, carefree, spend more time with family and loved ones, and away from the regular stressing environment. Increase the quiet life of a happy life.

improvement in mental health

A study by the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, and publish Wisconsin Medical Journal showed that women who went on frequent breaks lower susceptibility to depression fatigue or tension, and they were satisfied with their marriages. Women who displayed rare vacations higher stress levels in their homes, he felt more tired and exhausted, and slept less. There is no doubt that regular people can relax not only the freedom of the stress accumulated during the daily hectic life in the short term, but also improve the overall mental and spiritual well-being of the individual long-term. Many researchers believe that depression increases the risk of heart disease. As the holiday provides a break from the usual boring routine, they also help in relieving the symptoms of depression.

modernize relations

The always busy, working-mania and chronic tax-minded culture of the people of modern life is really hard hit not only the physical and mental health, but also to relationships . People do not spend a lot of time with their partners, children or families. As a result, there is disharmony in the family, the kids do not watch it, and there is also an increase in tensions between the partners, which has resulted in a growing number of separations, divorce and other family conflicts. Taking cancel holidays and vacations and enjoying regular work not only converts the voltage and estranged relationships, but also to renew, revitalize and strengthen family relationships and bonds.

improvement in self-confidence

When we travel, we meet different situations and meet different kinds of people. Such encounters improve self-confidence. It also helps to improve your social skills and prepare us for the unexpected or unknown.

through fantasy holidaying

When do the same thing over and over again, it will be monotonous and stereotyped. That's what happened to us in today's world. We have become victims of monotony that gradually crept into the system, and ruined their creative skills, new thought processes, and inspiring opportunities. When we travel, meet new situations and different environments. Such situations can induce and help you develop your creativity in us.

productivity growth

Several studies have shown that freedom is not only to encourage people to work better, but the relief of unanimity also rejuvenates the people and this increases the productivity.

Seeking adventure

holidaying at a time that the adrenaline pumping adventures lovers. This is an option that dreams come true and try a lot of daring and adventure sports like bungee jumping, rafting, surfing, mountain climbing and many others. Such adventures for people to experience success and happiness.

Mental and psychological escape

Many people these days view holidaying in a kind of mental or psychological escape. The change in the atmosphere, climate, scenery, quiet environment, the slow pace of life and clean air for many travelers on the road to happiness and spirituality.

enhances physical fitness and lose weight as well

has become a global epidemic of obesity. Holidays and vacations at least induce people to exercise some form. They spend more time and in any form of physical activity (and away from TV and video games!) Can help you lose weight. If they continue with the same kind of exercises as soon as they return home, at least it gives people the habit and lose weight at the same time. Losing weight not only improves the physical appearance and the person, but also reduce the chances of depression among some cancers, heart disease and other conditions.

In summary, holidays and vacations are not only fun, thrills, fun and breaks the usual monotony of life, but they also have far-reaching effects, including long-term course of the physical and mental well-being, longer and happier lives, improve revamping relations of confidence and productivity and instilling in us the creative inspiration.

Source by Dr. Naresh Parajuli

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