Camping Tent Designs – The strongest and worst weaknesses of Family Dome Tents Revealed

Dome tents have grown increasingly popular family camping and get them in a variety of sizes. But such a tent is really the right choice for you? Let's take a look at the different types of family dome tents, and in particular the strengths and weaknesses of this camping tent design.

Dome tent styles

  • Classic geodesic dome
  • Half dome or tunnel tent

The classic design shows a simple dome-shaped. There are still large family tent, from which several domes. Both large family camping that involves spending the whole time in one place, because they are larger and more space. Half dome or tunnel tent, on the other hand, is very good for backpacking. By reducing the size of the dome, you can trim the weight and produce a smaller package size, which makes them more convenient to carry.

main strength of the dome tent

  • big space – This gives a large bedrooms and enough space for your luggage.
  • Highly stable in extreme weather – Instead of a static frame tent achieve stability in all parts working together, columns made from flexible materials such as carbon fiber. Using the small, circular dome-style tents can be easily shed rain and snow, and wind makes them very resistant.
  • lighter than the same size cabin tents – This is mainly due to the severe lack tent frame.
  • Easy to set – Dome tents are often a shock-corded poles. It is easy to unfold the full-length and the color coding shows you where you need to go to each pole.
  • Freestanding – Most families dome tent can be put on any flat surface such as a garden. However, the rain fly's need staking. Moreover, it is generally advisable to stake your tent down, just in case the wind is strong.

weaknesses dome tent

  • less room used – Family Dome Tent offer less space camp furniture than a same-size cabin tents. Large lot just up the middle section.
  • Less freedom of movement – thanks to a dome-shaped head space is often a problem. While the larger tents could allow to stand quite straight to the center (if not too high), the smaller size also allows you to just sit and you can climb rather than walk. Half dome or tunnel tent might not allow high passenger to sit upright.

These considerations clearly shows that we are dome-style tents are good, and if necessary, would rather not pick them up. Classic domes is a great choice for camping holidays that are likely to face the difficult weather conditions, especially high winds, but you find most of your time outside. Half dome or tunnel tent excellent opportunity for backpacking or other types of travel-camp. Generally, a family dome tent is more for people who can not be less space and comfort, while half of the domestic travel agencies, expecting to spend much time in the tent, the cabin tent prefer.

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