Family holidays on the island of Korcula, Croatia

The stunning island of Korcula in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast is a fantastic destination for a family vacation in Europe. Korcula and Dubrovnik airport is easily accessible in Split in 2012 and sees rapid growth in a number of aircraft flying to these destinations. This news means more choice of flight times and ticket prices cheaper, are all important considerations when planning a family celebration.

Korcula provides a great choice for a family holiday accommodation, suiting all budgets, from camping, swimming pool large secluded villas. Self-catering is a good option for family groups and many affordable apartments and houses available to rent on the island. Virtually self-giving families greater flexibility when it comes to meal times more space than a standard hotel room and privacy to come and go as you please throughout the day. My favorite choice of Korcula include a large rustic house in a beautiful bay near the village of Pupnat, so the whole family to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings; a luxurious and comfortable villa Racisce many modern amenities and plenty of space inside and outside, so each family member their own breathing; and good value for modern apartments in a large open plan kitchen, dining and living close to the sea, the family-friendly city Lumbarda.

Although the towns and villages of Korcula by the ideal foundation for a family holiday, Lumbarda probably one of the best options when traveling with younger children. Lumbarda less busy than the city of Korcula, but also a variety of restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities; it is shallow, sandy beaches, while most of the island are gravel, water suddenly become deep, and all the walking. During the summer, the tourist board Lumbarda brings a wide range of family events, my personal favorite, the donkey race (children and adults!). There are also fantastic ally fun inflatable water slide, slide and jump all over it Bili Zal Beach Lumbarda.

Of course, most of the activity around the Korcula place on the beach or at sea. Keeping the kids entertained is sometimes a challenge, but they are active in the water snorkelling, swimming, kayaking. Outdoor games such as volleyball, bat and ball game or the old-fashioned sand-castle building from the sandy beaches enjoyable way to spend your time in the sun. Just make sure you slap on lots of sunscreen and stay out of the strong midday sun Fun Day Korcula include boat trips to nearby Skoji islets, climbed, and the stranger, but interesting rocks in the natural park Koci Zrnovo or how to buy a bike along the parade stunning coast , handles on to a scoop or two of Korcula delicious ice cream.

After a day at the beach or pedaling around the beautiful Korcula countryside, there is nothing more beautiful than returining the self holiday accommodation might grilling some fresh fish or play a game of cards on the terrace and watching the sun gently set. It is these moments when you appreciate your family vacation.

Croatia is fast becoming one of the most popular places to take a vacation in Europe, and is an affordable option than its rivals in the euro area. It is a safe country with relatively little crime and people are friendly and welcoming. This makes it a wonderful country to spend a family vacation this year.

Source by Rachael Flynn

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