Family Values ​​- Then and Now

& # 39; Family Values ​​"since the coining this word before, and down a set of principles that have been a tradition in the family, as generation after generation respecting they maintain and take them to a higher level. they may differ from family to family, but behind the core essence remains the same, that is, teaching a new generation that inherited from the previous one, and which is tried and tested and improved.

the family values ​​are also intended to provide a subtle element of children in society when they grow up. Everyone wants to be well received, and niched to the norms of society. the family values ​​help develop children such habits in children as well.

But this is true today?

the children walked out of the parents, the fraud must fulfill selfish friends and loved, the things that absolutely refused Despite ta for older people, running after nothing but money, and not only in the treatment of more than a man, but as God himself.

family values ​​do not add up. They split the two words, but two different worlds, family and values, which are not only the words have lost their meaning, but their essence.

family now means relatives, near or far to be treated the same way in both value and now the amount of money associated with everything.

Today, values, ethics and principles to achieve great success is limited. Any and all ways and means to help achieve this, and that the moral values ​​of society, however, unethical and unacceptable that it may be ignored by fame and success achieved.

Source by Tarang Bhargava

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