Have you ever experienced the warmth of family love?

My years growing up I always knew without a doubt that my parents loved me. As I grew up my parents' account of affection are not appropriate for my age. The warmth of love seemed to be running out. Notice he said, the warmth of love, love itself remained unchanged.

I became a parent and raise a uniquely blessed with four wonderful people who enriched (and richer) my life all the time. When I was younger I played with them, prayed for them, and I did that I could teach them life in a practical sense and a spiritual sense. These are not all selected to the way I wanted them to life, but I love them as much as I always!

Some of my grandson now approaching adult life without ever really having known the blessings of a faithful father figure in their lives. Their views, ideologies and values ​​(moral and spiritual) differ greatly from mine. I grieve for them at times, but a recent visit I felt such a warm affection for them (mother and child). Ridiculous as it may seem I'm happy to have taken them, they packed them in my arms so would conflict with the glow of love so I wanted to share with them.

Later, I visited with my son and wife family. He founded the home of the values ​​and principles that guide my life, and I am grateful. They raised their children to be able to honor, love and obey God. Pray often small family. Again, I found that I love them the same warmth. I wanted to feel a gentle warm light of love that I felt them.

This is the same feeling I have my two adult children still at home. They are independent in their own lives, but to play such a large role in ours. Often I feel that rush for them as well. These are all special people. I am remarkably blessed.

really experience this all the warmth and glow of family love in their lives. Long after I left I want to know my children, my love and cares for them. I will not last forever, but I have to ask them. So far, at least in my family, I decided to give them a gift that will hopefully remind them of how strong the love between all family members. It lasts forever.

This is a beautiful amber glass candlestick, which tells the story of warmth, light and love that no matter the distance or the memory will remain with us years of love. It's a small thing, but hopefully they will understand and feel loved.

Maybe you will also find ways to build the warmth and love of family as well.

Source by Pauline Fredrickson

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