Things to know before the European Holidays

The first thing an Australian tourists traveling to Europe to get the cheapest flights to get into! If you are already a continent, you will find it cheaper to travel to the next destination. Flights from Warsaw to Sydney, Milan, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Frankfurt, usually less than $ 900. Flights from London to Copenhagen would give a little less than $ 1,000, while Venice and Kiev would go through this.

If you have already booked your tickets and itinerary arranged, there are some things to consider! Read below to know them briefly.

The things an Australian tourist to know his European holidays

You need a SIM card for each country: If you are traveling to more than one European country with a SIM card will not work. You will need to travel to a new all countries.

ways to save money:

Europe, as we know, is very expensive. However, there are two options to reduce costs. At first, you live like a local, stay and eat at affordable places. Second, the trip cheaper locations such as Portugal, Berlin and southern Spain. However, if you visit the Eiffel Tower or the French feel connection when the main goal, then you need to spend more.

Everything is closed in the afternoon

If you take a walk in the middle of the afternoon we suddenly see all the windows closed and all doors are closed. People go to nap at this time and get back to work after 16:00 So, just a shopping spree in the evening!

Eat selective locations:

Michelin star dining room and five local bistros enhance your culinary desires, but that may meet the quality and taste of the food places average. Do a little research before getting a culinary flair.

Italy where you get the coffee

Most places are not going to Europe to serve coffee the way it used to be. Italy is perhaps the only place where the coffee can live up to the mark.

The mineral water

European freedom is incomplete without the best wines in your life! They are not only cheap, but they also come in many varied.

Smoke everywhere, to an Australian you will be led to believe that the world stopped smoking. However, you will find in most public places smoke-filled.

locals eat late

is probably a typical Aussie who eats on time, or perhaps prematurely. Most restaurants popular with tourists both timing dinner, one of the other tourists and 19:00 to 21:30 local. However, to a relevant experience and mingle with the locals, you have to eat late.


everyone you can think of – the young to the old, have a tendency to "hang out & # 39 ;. always find the plazas and piazzas hustle and bustle of people, groups of Europeans still make time to your loved ones! you might also be lucky to talk to the locals here and increase route options.

the truth is Europe is not far away! just a day of travel to come to one side of the world to the other . So book your dates and prepare some amazing food, people and places to see!

Source by Swati D Banerjee

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