5 Ideas for Fun Things That Include Air Conditioning

The summer day is getting higher in the sky every day, the outside temperature rises so much that you often feel inside your children. If you are looking for entertaining and interesting ways to entertain your clan without getting too hot this summer, try five great ideas here!

1. There is an Indoor Treasure Hunt

One way to entertain children is to entertain without leaving the house to hold home-made treasure hunting. Make a set of traces for each player or each player to create a set of urls to his own and then replace it. Consider the embroideries for young children to entertain you more. Each trace will lead in another direction, and so on until the player arrives at the treasure. You can use envelopes to hide the clues and offer such a small price as a game or a sweet one who solves the puzzles and first wins the treasure

. Create a Family Recipebook

Another entertaining family project that guarantees you have plenty of time to engage your kids in the family recipe book. Not only will this be a fun way to spend the afternoon in the summer, but to teach the kids an important skill they will definitely use when they move to college or workforce. Not only that by the end of summer, kids will have a healthy list of recipes to make dinner for the whole family. No more slave on a hot stove for mom and dad

3. Indoor campsite

If it's too hot to go out to pub (or the public park is too far away), consider the picnic Site and campsite. Give children different materials, bedding, aprons, cardboard boxes, foam sponges, or even a real tent, and look at creative instincts, because they build their own strength wildly. From the reading of spooky campfire stories, they get an exciting mood with a flashlight in the tents. Bonus points for picnic blankets with cakes, cheese and apple slices!

4. Go to Library

Library is a great place to take kids when it's too hot for the outside game. Numerous libraries offer summer reading programs for children, which can be extremely useful for lovers of lifelong reading. They will earn points and often win prizes, the more books they read. In addition, many libraries offer stories for younger children. Apart from entertaining kids, leaving a few hours roaming and reading in the library, they often come home with amusement lessons.

5. View a Medieval Exhibition

Another educational opportunity to keep cool to bring your family to a medieval entertaining show. Kids will learn how life was like in the Middle Ages, as they see actors trained in contemporary costumes, dressed as gentlemen or ladies, or as riding rackets. They will love an authentic medieval food in their hands while displaying real rivalry in their eyes.

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