demystifying Arabia Visa Process

Consider traveling to Saudi Arabia in the future? But not sure what type of visa may be required, or better yet, how to apply the Saudi Visa. This article will examine the use of different types and complexity associated with Saudi visas each. Hopefully, the end of the article demystified the Saudi visa process.

The first and foremost a tourist visa does not exist in Saudi Arabia. Let me say that again, but there are no tourist visas every visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many people would like to visit the Kingdom as a tourist, but it is currently not happen.

The most common visa gathered in Saudi Arabia on a business visa. This entitles the individual to travel to Saudi Arabia to consult and conduct business on behalf of his / her company. Usually the client is known in Saudi Arabia as well as the host, will meet with the client to discuss a joint business ventures. This request is a relatively simple, straight forward visa. The host will ask Saudi Arabia for the customer to scan his / her passport, and then to apply an invitation letter. This is achieved by submitting a scan of the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the ministry has approved the invitation, you can restore the host company. They in turn invited their company stamp on the seal. Once these steps have been completed, a letter of invitation will be made available to the client. The client will contact a registered agent to facilitate the stamping of visa to the embassy to be.

Instead of a business visa, the company will also host Saudi Arabia can offer visitors a work visa. Quintessentially is the same as for a business visa, but instead met with a host of contact in Saudi Arabia, will carry out specific tasks while in the country. You will still pay the direct employer, and does not receive any compensation directly from the Saudi host.

The government issued visas to those who meet the Saudi government employees directly. This is a free visa and an invitation writes that the government is entitled to a visa. This visa is placed, much like a business visa.

The family visit visa visa which allows an individual to travel to Saudi Arabia, can you imagine that a family member! This can be a wife, husband, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, or who is connected to you as long as you can prove the relationship. This regulation can create a marriage, birth certificates, family trees or other official document. After the familial chain was created receive a family visit. must appear in person, the family members of the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia. They give a copy of the passport and guests invited to apply familial. A family member, who requested a letter of invitation will now be the sponsor of the intended guests. Familial invites will be provided, and this in turn will be sent to the guest. They show this at the embassy in order to apply for a visa. Generally, a family visas are single entry visa valid for 30 days. If you intend to stay than 30 days, it is essential to inform the host of the residence time of need.

The residence visa will be required if you want to live or relocate to Saudi Arabia. This is probably one of the rare visas are not many people invited to live in Saudi Arabia for some time. This is a special invitation of the Ministry of the Interior and will generally associated with the job or relocating them to be working in Saudi Arabia. Many call the invitation of the long yellow form, because there will always be yellow and twice as long as a normal sheet of paper. This invitation allows a person to travel to Saudi Arabia, and once you enter the gates of this migration, you will be given a card iqamat. This card is also the identity of Saudi Arabia, and shows that you are a valid resident. We recommend this card to the person at all times.

By far the most difficult and complicated visa to Saudi Arabia a work visa. This visa describe those for whom the employment contract with a Saudi company. This is completely different than a business visa, work visa means that you have to pay directly to a Saudi company. Getting a work visa is a lengthy process, and the individual starts with an interview with Saudi recruitment company who then read it again to a Saudi company. If the company considers the candidate suitable for their needs, then we get the employment contract. If the employment contract is accepted, the company provides a Saudi candidate for a visa invitation letter block, which has a name, type of passport, visa and the number of suitable job. After receiving the invitation, the candidate must now be to complete the remaining steps to apply for a visa for Saudi Arabia. This will include a comprehensive medical examination, the police report, gathering the necessary certificates / degrees, and many other relevant documents.

it'll be offered a temporary work visa instead of the actual work visa. This is very similar to a work visa, but the contract expires limited and generally 3-6 months. A temporary work visa will be required letter of invitation to Saudi Arabia, which authorizes this visa. When the contract expired, you will return to the receiving country.

Saudi Arabia two religious visas. Hajj and Umrah visas are available at the right times throughout the year. There is no invitation to go for this type of visa, but only those who adhere to the Muslim faith request. In some cases, the consulate may request that a copy of you local Islamic mosque in regulation. These visas can be purchased alone or as an all-inclusive package, which has hotels, flights and transportation.

There are many types of visa categories in Saudi Arabia, and it is important to contact your host to meet all your needs. Equally as important to work with a registered agent for the visa in the embassy and to provide such protection can understand the application process.

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