Do you know the family functions?

If you take time to understand the family's operation, you can improve the ability to develop and develop harmonious relationships. Then you can enjoy the best of your family's experience in the right place. Effective family communication is needed to build a good and harmonious relationship with all members of the family.

The main features of the family fall into three categories: practical, social and psychological. Before we take more into these three categories, let's take a look at what's in a family:

It's best to be part of a family, a source of great happiness and joy, intimate, rewarding The simplicity of communication, the practical support and the emotional stability net , As well as the feeling of safety and competence

Unfortunately for many people, family relationships are more problematic than pleasurable, frustrating or angry. Interaction is indifference, constant battleground, or even completely retreated.

Most of us may experience our experiences somewhere in these extremes. In different phases of our life, phases pass through which are fulfilling or making it difficult. It may not exist like a "perfect family", but it will increase your insight into how your family can understand.

Practical: The main functions of the family derive from basic survival needs; Its most important goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for child rearing and ensuring that they are nourished, dressed and protected. From a purely economic point of view, it makes sense for people to live in a group, because a lot of living expenses can be shared.

The family provides us with our first experience in the larger world. It is here that children receive guidance that contributes to the moral and ethical understanding and helps to understand the society in which we live. The family is partly responsible for the role and sexual behavior of children (both positive and negative) What it means to be a man or a woman

In addition, we learn how to contribute to a group in a family, how to balance our own needs and Others

The family may become a part of the feeling of stability and security, and it is especially important for children to have such strong frameworks within which they are free to evolve individually. Family life must provide a secure forum to express and explore different feelings and to get acquainted with personal relationships. Also, a good parental help will surely help you build better parent relationships. Last but not least, one of the most important tasks of the family is to make children feel that they love and accept them.

Family and Society:

Society. While no two families are the same:

– Everyone has to act according to his own rules and traditions, managing his needs and personalities if he is a member – they also reflect the society they are involved in. As human beings have created new abilities to adapt to life, family unity has changed their organization. However, each family consists of unique individuals, each having special qualities and talents.

Perhaps the most significant change is the growing acceptance of different families. Although they undoubtedly exert more pressure on the families of staircases and one of their parents, of course they are not the same accomplice stigma as they were. People now know that we can not all create a perfect textbook family, but that does not mean that we can not create a viable, cohesive and psychologically healthy family.

The changing family:

Modern times brought with smaller families. Some consider this to be an advantage as it reduces family ties, resulting in greater individual autonomy and freedom of choice, although it is less positive that people miss a feeling of common history, common goals, and emotional warmth.

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