Elder Abuse: Signs of this happening

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what happens, especially if you are an older person can not speak, for example, if a stroke victim. This does not mean that this would happen, though. These signs and symptoms will help families decide whether your loved one a victim of mistreatment.

speak up

In some cases, determining if this situation occurs can be as easy as taking what a loved one says, seriously, no matter how many times complain. If you say that the nurse is too rough, make sure to follow up on those concerns. A nurse inadvertently have done something, but it is also the mistreatment of older people beginning.


A loved one may wind up with unexplained bruises, such as if you accidentally bumps the leg when going to the bathroom. This is understandable. On the other hand, families are encouraged to look at the bruises. Bruises that look the same pattern as a hand or the like fingerprint bruises call for a cause.


If someone in the bed rest, bed sores are easy. If a person did not occur as often as it should be, they wind up with a bed sore. The family may have to discuss this in the nursing home, and you will never have to worry about. On the other hand, if the sores seen with other things, such as bruises and rashes, it can also be a sign of neglect. According to a leading lawyer in the area, most of these cases, starts out as neglect.

Weird explanations

When a person is the victim of ill-treatment, family members often hear explanations that are a bit off. For example, a nurse trying to explain away a bruise on his leg with the first person to hit the wall. Obviously, if a person hit a wall, it would be difficult for a person who can barely walk can do it hard enough to cause a large bruise on his leg before. If this happens more often than not, it's a big red flag and concern.

other kind of

often the only form of elder abuse is not what is happening. According to the lawyer, an expert in the field, this is often the same or a different form, such as financial exploitation, neglect or emotional. For example, a person can not pay bills, they are supposed to, and the staff make you feel as if they are worthless to tell them it did not matter, and that the family does not like them.

Hiring an attorney is the first step to discover that maltreatment occurs and what can be done about it. Families are encouraged to discuss things in a professional lawyer, if you suspect that this is a problem. An attorney can help them tell the truth, because we have more experience in this area, as in most families, and able to recognize the signs and symptoms and help them decide what to do next. This may file a complaint of evidence or the person may simply be moving to another nursing home. Either way, an experienced lawyer will give you some advantages when it comes to handling the situation.

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