Holiday Malia, Crete and Facts

Malia is a city of Crete that has earned enough reputation. If you are party, then Malia is the place to go. Holidays Malia itself is experience. Being honest, Malia's beaches are the best on the island of Crete. Beautiful sandy sections only disappear on the horizon. All the beaches are equipped with a sun terrace, so you can search for sunny friends. Or if you're on a frigid friday night, they're ideal for sleeping in the rest. "

For those who survived Malia's evenings, there are plenty of water activities available: jet-ski or sail and sailing the deep blue sea, the main thing is that the Malia celebrations are among the best summer breaks

When you leave the beach late in the afternoon, you can choose from a bunch of bars and restaurants, and if you have to eat something on the beach, there are plenty of snack bars that will satisfy your needs, but in the evenings the possibilities are literally endless. , Indian and Chinese dishes, or simply ordering a hamburger menu

After filling your stomach with a few Malia dishes, it's time to reach the nightlife. The city is full of Greek bars, English and Irish pubs and With disks that take up busy hours early in the morning (when it's time to get back to the beach again).

Malia is not just a place to visit the legendary and wild nightlife. There is a historic place and you can taste the taste of ancient Greece in this part of the island. And if you rent a car in Malia, you can visit all the ancient places on the Crete Island with your friends or family.

And do not forget about an important fact about Malia: this is a very cheap place to go for a holiday. Whether you rent an apartment or book a hotel or choose a studio for your holiday, the places are all very affordable.

So let's go through a few details:

Travel Malia, Crete

Many airlines fly to Heraklion during the season. There are also cheap airlines that organize flights to other airports in the island. In winter, the only airline flying to Crete is really Olympic Airways.

The flight to London to Heraklion takes approximately 4 hours. It takes approximately 45 minutes for Heraklion. Bus to Malia center. If your agent arranges for a transfer, bus travel can take longer than many other stops.

Hotels and apartments, what is your choice?

There are currently about 25 hotels in Malia and about 40 residences. Popular hotels Malia "Malia Park", "Alexander Beach" and "Malia Beach". These hotels are 4 and 5 stars. The popular residential buildings are "Parthenis Beach" (3 stars) and "Acrogiali" (4 stars).


Malia is not so great, downtown is best for just walking around. However, some hotels are located outside Malia. In this case, the best taxi or rented car. During lunch time, it is best to avoid this mode of transport.

Your Document

For Crete flight, you need passports or valid travel documents.

Season, Climate

Winter is not hot, and many Malia are also closed. The seaside holidays in Crete are the most favorable from Malia from June to September. In these months, it never really falls and the temperature is comfortable. In July and August the temperature can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius. Please note that during the July and August high season, Malia and Crete are very busy.

You can pay for Malia in euros. Replacing US dollars and pounds is not really a problem. Credit cards are accepted everywhere and there are many ATMs in the city.


The typical key in Malia is normal. Here is an indicative amount:

Catering: just leave the change

Taxi: visit the taxi

Hairdresser: round up the amount

Pullers: 2 and 3 euros / bag is normal

Maids: 2-3 euros a day

Guides: 2-5 euros per person (depending on how large the group is).

And just like a note: Tips that fall under 50 cents are considered an insult. So keep that in mind.

Time Zone

On Crete 2 hours later than in England and 1 hour later than on the European continent. ] Language spoken Malia

The language spoken in Crete (and thus Malia) is Greek. In Malia, English and German are not really a problem. Everyone speaks English and a lot of people in German.

Telephone and cell

Greece and Crete country code +30. Using a mobile device is no problem if you subscribe to one of the major mobile phone providers.


Men's 220 V AC Women's hairdryers work at 220 volts!


Malia and Crete are safe enough. There is not much crime. Keep things safe in your accommodation. Additionally, the local police are relentless to the people who are fighting after excessive alcohol consumption. For a while, going to jail is no exception to the rule. Thus, among young people, readers are to behave yourself. Do not spend your freedom in jail.

Important! The possession of drugs will be imprisoned for a long time or for a long period of time.

So when you're ready For a vacation, start a few flights to Malia. It's time!

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