In case of Cost Book Value Vs Vacation

When saving money for a trip – if the value of a travel agent is worth paying a little more than the price you found online?

Unlike the online reservation when you book with a travel agent, you are much service as it is an online agency. Our job does not end when we deliver the tickets to things – continues to help while you travel, and when you get home. How you might ask?

Here are some examples of actual customer travel problems, the offset value of a travel agency reservations themselves.

We booked a family on a vacation to Cabo. It had connecting flights, and called us because the first outgoing flight was delayed several hours, so they are missing the connection flight.They called us at the airport because they feared that the company would not have to pick them up at the airport through remittances. We contacted the supplier, who changed the flight time and made sure the transfer to the new company information.

Customers had to fly to Georgia February 13, 2010, in San Juan on a cruise so at February 10. 14 February 13 08:00 invited us to panic. It was snowing, the flight was canceled and the airline said customers would not be able to fly them until Monday.

Fortunately, they could lead to Florida and found another airline flights to February 14, which is to get them to ship a lot of free time. We canceled the San Juan hotel, found her in a hotel in Orlando, which would allow them to park for free for the duration of the cruise and collecting them back and forth to the airport. Customers, he said, when he seized his own, he had not known what to do and would be heartbroken to be able to travel. Since he also bought travel insurance, we started a travel delay, it needs to recover the difference in flight prices, plus cost him the gas, tolls and meals, to return to the Orlando airport. The shapes were waiting for him when he arrived back from her cruise.

A few years ago, it was the customers who have booked a trip and has canceled one month before the date of the trip was to leave for reasons that were not covered by travel insurance. The carrier was adamant that the cancellation is not refundable. We intervened and were able to get partial credit to book another trip within a year, so the client does not lose all their money.

Today, a customer sent us a quote for a vacation in Punta Cana asked if we could beat the price. He priced holiday flights linking Philadelphia and her comeback, she chose a flight to Punta Cana left at 7 am. We asked him if he realized that the return flight at the airport wanted to be home with 4:30 to ensure she would have enough time to safety. She had no idea she would be at the airport that early. Not only did we beat the price, you found her flight in less than summoned her to his office and online return flight 13:05 left.

What other value is provided when you book us not to get online reservations? We send location information, giving advice on travel documentation should provide information about the optional excursions, send helpful tips and reminders at the last minute and we are available 24 hours if there is a problem as long as you travel above. We keep track of when to return, and if there was a problem that must be addressed to the supplier, you can participate in to try to find a satisfactory solution.

This type of service is worth paying a little extra?

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