Multinational Homes – Your Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you living in your home with your children, your mother and your father? For some cultures, this is a very common lifestyle, and in Canada, every culture is becoming more and more common. Like all things, many generations of people under one roof will have a positive and a negative point. I would like to show you some of this article. If you have left your parents and you think you are going back for whatever reason, this article can help you make that decision.

Let's start on the positive side.

  • can be in a better economic sense. If the real estate property is very large, for each family there is a floor, this can not be done
  • .

  • you live with your whole family. A positive family feeling is a positive, close relationship with another.
  • If there are younger children in the house, there is no need for babysitters because they usually have at least one family member. Older generations are able to support or advise younger generations, especially with regard to juvenile education.
  • older generations may have health problems, so younger members of the property can support them to get the most out of their lives. Assistance with each other is a great asset for coexistence, think that you have come home from a long working day and someone has prepared you a meal.
  • The older generation may feel alone, especially when housekeepers or losing their life partners. Living with their children and grandchildren can help overcome these emotions, as there are always people close to whom they can be called.

So what's not a good point?

  • Some people feel like they do not have a real private space, as if they were never alone.
  • Parents and Grandparents may feel that they interfere in their lives or feel that they are constantly intervening in yours.
  • how to raise up your children can cause problems and other family members ignore the child what they want.
  • The very close relationship between children and their parents is not always good (women usually hate being compared to their partner's mother – eg "Nobody can cook like my mother")
  • to adapt and take into account the needs and wishes of other age groups (sometimes surprisingly different). Of course it is inevitable to live in a home that can accommodate more family members Forest Hill Houses are ideal for this.
  • It is very difficult to give every universal good and bad area for multiple generations under one roof – all from relationships between family members and clear definition of clear rules.

Put the angle of vision forward, do not tell people what you think they want to hear, you must be open. Just because someone else in the family wants to do this does not always mean that it is so, so it should not be persuaded. If you have told and done everything, if you are a bit miserable, other people will feel this, which will result in a very tense home, and relationships will collapse.

Source by Elli Davis

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