To preserve the family closeness

The family is the basic social unit of society. growth and development as such plays an important role in their children. This is the family that the child learns the correct values ​​in life.

The child who grows up in a family living together in a harmonious relationship is more likely that there will be a happy and safe individual. The love and care for the child receives the parents and siblings, he develops the self-confidence needed to help him become a better person in the future.

Parents, as always has a big hand in shaping a child's personality. His role is that of the family close, we need to make sure that the start while children are still young. Children who are taught the values ​​of the family learn to continue this until they reach adulthood.

a good way to get the family closeness to follow certain traditions. Or you can create your own traditions in the home not only on special occasions, but even if there is no time for celebration. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays popular dates, families spend quality time together during which.

Apart from the customary exchange of gifts, perhaps you may want to incorporate some games, such as board games. Let providing an exciting prizes to the winners of this activity. Children usually feel the love of the family, if you are having fun together and spend quality time with the most special occasions.

Exposing children to this get together will also help follow the same traditions when they grow up to enter adulthood. The effect is generally strong, particularly for children of parents who grew up in a family full. This is how the father and mother to instill these values ​​to their children to make a big difference.

Maintaining peace among family members is another important role for parents. It must be the primary examples by making sure that disagreements kept the children. If arguments and conflicts brothers and sisters, we must find a way to make peace with each other after a few hours. We help kids like each other can definitely contribute to the closeness of the family.

This step is only when children are still young, but even if they are already adults. It is inevitable that conflicts may arise between the older brothers, but again, the interference of parents is very important for the peace in the house. Children should learn from the example and to be taught how to forgive and to ask forgiveness if they did something wrong.

Finally, do not forget about going out with on the weekends. You do not have to go very far, because you can always just spend time in a park near your home walk or go on a picnic on the beach or dinner at a favorite or a new restaurant in town. Simple activities, allowing you to share time as a family is a great way to keep you all are close together, and in the future, when the children are adults, you can always look back at these moments.

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