Mexican Holidays An Indoor Look At These Delicious Occasions

Mexican food is an integral part of Mexican celebrations and celebrations, complemented by the color and vibrant color of the occasion. One of the holidays that most people have heard is the Day of the Dead when families gather to remember their loved ones who died. The Day of the Dead is celebrating on 1 and 2 November.

Traditions followed during the holidays include building the altars in honor of the dead, visiting their graves with the deceased's favorite food and drinks. ] Cinco de Mayo is another famous celebration in Mexico. This is a regional holiday, especially near the Mexican heart of Puebla, because Cinco de Mayo remembers the Mexican victory in France in 1862, in the Battle of Puebla.

Many people assume that Cinco de Mayo is the Day of Independence in Mexico, but this is wrong because Independence Day is September 16th Independence Day is perhaps the most important Mexican national holiday for everyone.

The Great Taste of Mexican Dinner Dinners

Mexican people are very proud of their culinary heritage combining Mayan, Aztec, Traditional Mexican, Spanish, French and Caribbean Influence and so on. For some Mexican holidays, they associate special foods with them, but with others like Cinco de Mayo, people can only enjoy their favorite food.

Women often get together and eat a lot of food for the holidays. Tamales is linked to Mexican festivals because it is time-consuming. This is the reason why tamal is usually produced in large quantities more than once a year. During mexican holidays you will see steamed tamalas. Mexican wedding cakes and Mexican wedding cakes are popular on many holiday days, not just weddings but also names. Rosca de Reyes is a celebration of bread made on January 6th. The bread, which is wreath-shaped, contains cherries, candied figs, mangoes and lemons, and contains a baby Jesus figurine. The person who gets the figure in the slice will have to make the dishes for Candlemas, which is on February 2.

Mexican Drinks for Special Occasions

Mexican beer and tequila, but this is definitely not all. Rompope is a bit of a drink like rum, cinnamon and almonds. This thick foamy sweets are often enjoyed on Mexican holidays. Another thick, luxurious drink is the atoll, which can be served with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fruit Slices, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Many people sadly do not know what authentic Mexican recipes do, partly because of the popularity of Mexican fast food restaurants, partly because many people outside Mexico find out what this exciting kitchen is about . You do not have to wait for a Mexican holiday to taste some delicious mexican inspired dishes!

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