What to "watch and see the trip" – and how to make it

The "see and visit" (or visit-to-travel trip) is a service that some companies offer singles Or for families Who are moving abroad for a foreign contract. The purpose of the journey is to see, feel and experience the country and the region, whether the individual or the family can move in the near future. Companies provide this service to those who have previously agreed to be flexible and open to such a move. Before embarking on your new destination, the migration company will contact you with your company to discuss your personal needs and wishes in the future country of your host country. For example, your own needs may include an apartment close to the office or near the airport, as it is a frequent traveler in a new position or may include a three-bedroom house and an international school proximity. High quality. Your personal wishes can include an ocean view and an apartment close to shops and nightlife, or perhaps a swimming pool in the yard and a shopping mall with a supermarket. Whatever your needs and wishes, it is important to do the research in advance so that the Relocation Agency can assist you the most. Do not hold back when you want to express. The more data you can give, the better chance for the agency to help you determine your ideal home in the future.

If you are a single person, it may be relatively easy to find the right time Fly to your future destination and visit your potential future office and explore housing options. If you are a member of a moving family abroad, you will need to find a travel time that is not only comfortable for every member of the family but also allows you to visit all the necessary equipment, daycare or schools at the right time. Travel planned during school holidays can not show an accurate picture of a given area, as the amount of traffic can be quite different from normal daytime thunderstorm, construction work can temporarily stop, daycare and schools can be closed, half empty.

A typical look and journey lasts for a week. If you arrive at the destination, or soon, an agent of the migration agency will meet you at the hotel or your location to discuss the seven programs. This program is, of course, based on your wishes and wishes. However, if there is a misunderstanding, it is time to correct them before we waste things that are not really interested in vision. The agent is trying to show as much as possible the sooner. If you feel that the program is too big, do not hesitate to reduce the programmed activity. Do not forget to see just one look and one way!

The usual look and feel program may look like this:

Welcome Pack (including sight pamphlets, Websites, etc.)

Presentation of the country, cost of life, cross-disciplinary tips, historical information about the host country.

Home sampling (4-5 housing options)

Visiting day-care or in schools (if any)

Visits to cars and car ownership information (if applicable)

Knowledge Plan, including Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Banks, Sports Centers, and more.

The appearance and vision program usually works half-day, giving you some free time to discover your own. You can use this time to visit tourist attractions or shops, or just walk around the preferred area to get the right spot. For those who are distorted by jet lag, after a hectic day, a well-seated rest can be the most important priority

If you do not have the opportunity or time to visit the future host country then you can make your own browsing and surfing the web , Reading relevant books, movies and pictures about their future destination and talking to people living there. On the Internet, chatrooms and satellite imagery, etc. Thanks to the enormous amount of information available, you can really get a very good feeling and idea of ​​a country or place that we have not seen in real life yet.

Source by Camilla Dessing

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