Relocating a Family to a Nursing Home – What to Do?

Movement is always a challenge. As long as you organize and record the things that need to be remembered, it can be handled. If you move a parent or a beloved family to a nursing home, you are more likely to be scared because you have never done it. Below is the list of things that home nursing staff say is often ignored by families. Do not forget them and make the loved one feel more comfortable.

first Clothes for at least 7 days. Generally speaking, residents moving to their parents' home are encouraged to keep clothing changes for at least a week. If a resident is involved in a rehabilitation or pedestrian program, it should also be encouraged to create extra sweaters, pants, or costume suits. In addition, the chosen shoes for these programs were Velcro gym shoes. Two or three pairs of non-slip socks can also be shown. Various sweaters or jackets are also a good idea, so your loved ones can be more comfortable with different weather conditions and room temperature

. Leave Jewelery and Valuables at Home Relatives or Safeguards

3. Shampoo and soap if the resident has sensitive or branded preferences. Personal touch to the resident's room like pictures, blankets / blankets, watches, calendars and decorative elements. Make sure the batteries are labeled with the resident's name.

5th Eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures Make sure these items and containers are labeled with the resident's name.

6th Radios or small televisions. Check the nursing home to find out what size is appropriate or if these items are already available. If you bring them, make sure you name the resident.

7th Extra Furniture and Clothing While these items have been a long way for your loved one's convenience, home care is limited. Talk to your nurse's home before you take these items.

8th Telephone and Cable Services Consider whether a resident should enjoy his / her own services and ask home nurses how to organize them in the facility

. Emergency Relationships is an easily accessible list. Try laminating or using a cheap frame. Place somewhere easy access, but it's not easy to see visitors – for example, a locker door or bedside table

. Address Book to stay in touch with your friends and family.

eleventh Laundry basket or barrier. This keeps the living room in order and will be useful if the family does the laundry.

12th Anti-bladder products. Products, such as Classes, are absolutely necessary if the beloved person causes bladder or intestinal lesions. Nursing homes usually carry garments, but they are less effective and may require larger clothing in the event of leakage.

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