It should be possible Teenagers to work during school breaks – What is your opinion?

Today, it is not strange that many teenagers working part-time as promoters or sales girls during the school holidays. Parents are willing to allow their children to work part-time, that the children spend the school holidays without wasting time surfing the Internet and playing computer games. However, some parents do not allow their children to work part-time because of the mistake of thinking that children are not mature enough to work. In my opinion, I partly agree that it should be possible for teens, due to the school holidays during the working of the reasons that teens can earn their own pocket money, learn ample knowledge of the job and teens scientists performance will be affected.


school holiday period for students to rest and keep away from the school routine. Since the functions carried out under the Treaty known physical or mental activities are performed, and is rewarded in monetary terms. One of the points I emphasize work through teens pocket money can be earned during the school holidays. For example, those who work with promoters of shopping centers can earn RM5 an hour of extra income. So parents can reduce the burden of teens do not have to ask for pocket money from their parents for daily expenses. Teenagers can also save to earn the money to buy a work of reference books and stationery they need. Therefore, the parents do not have to worry about tuition, as the children are able to fork out on their own. The teens can afford to buy things that we desire, such as phones, laptops and shoes. In short, the teens must be allowed to work during the school holidays because of the extra income they are.

In addition, teens can get ample knowledge by working during the school holidays. This is due to the fact that we have the opportunity to be exposed at an early age working life. So they are experienced and know the ways of dealing with people from different social and financial backgrounds. He also knows how to cooperate with others to complete tasks. Therefore, social skills, a benchmark to reach the stars of the future jobs can be increased. They will express their thoughts clearly to colleagues and supervisors can do. The teenagers know everything you can use the time and you have to finish the job assigned by the supervisors in a given time. So learn to be accurate. They become more independent because you have to look for effective ways to solve any problems that work against them. In short, students' knowledge workers expandable through and why teenagers have to work during school holidays.

However, teens do not spend most of their school holidays working part-time because scientists performance is affected. Teenagers need to spend school holidays visit more tuition classes or seminars and more revisions. As a result, they can prepare and perform better in their academics. In contrast, when the teenagers used to work most of the time, you do not have time to make changes, and tasks in reference books, for teens who are unable to concentrate on his studies after work tired. Therefore, the teens who do not complete revisions during the school holidays difficulties to catch up with their studies when the next semester continues. Study results will vary due to the lack deteriorate. In summary, the teenagers will not work during the school holidays because it interferes with academic performance.

In summary, the teens should be given leniency to work during the school holidays, you can earn extra income and knowledge can be extended. On the contrary, it is undeniable that working part-time may affect the academic performance during the school holidays. So teens need to be put unremitting efforts to be a balance, and wishes that they perform well in academics.

Source by Ling Li Ng

The same concepts of home and family

home and family with two inseparable concepts that are important experiences that help shape and form of a person. The home is usually understood who have a special sense of belonging to a building housing the resulting context persons. As such, the structural designs of the house does not automatically mean the residents are home, but rather the relationship and the bonds that are created between the members of the family, which is the feeling of being at home.

On the other hand, the family commonly known as persons living in the house. The family of actors give life and soul of the house as the home team and individuals, as a family. Although the traditional concepts of family law and civil or requires blood ties, the idea of ​​a family have been developed into more than the actual relationships and kinship. This association of persons that defines a family, and not to the relationships mentioned above. As such, not all members of the family who dwells in a house feel like home, and I every other part of the family. This is a terrible situation requires a paradigm shift and behavioral changes in individuals coupled with understanding and patience to remedy and heal the relationship and not to the total disintegration of the bond.

The persons engaged in the same home and family, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the group, and even at home. One must be able to identify some areas of the house where the residents can interconnection. This feature of the house provides family members the opportunity to stay in to talk about none of the area and to share with each other, watch movies and eat together, and other activities, strengthen their identity as a family and make everyone feel the necessary debt to the group . It's also an opportunity to understand and explain some of the issues hounding the family.

As such, everyone feels a special bond while home and family. Since each individual member of the family, there will always be times when disagreements arise. Parents should, inter alia, the elders of the younger moral guidance to peacefully settle the issues. It is not only the current situation but also their children learn to respect each other's differences, and the potential misunderstandings occur again, these problems will never be an effective force to attack from a close relationship and bond.

Moreover, in the home and family to a special source of inspiration and strength for each. They ensure that all people have the courage and hope in the midst of the challenges of life. They serve as an effective support mechanisms and enlightened teacher of little ones. Thus, the home and the family should be considered a sacred place where everyone knows who they are, develop your potential, and dream dreams.

understanding the importance of home and family should make everyone watch the things that can adversely affect the intercourse. Home and family do not have to deal with. Home is where the family and the family is at home. So no matter how popular today, the situation is getting busy and all, everyone must be time for the family, where you can feel at home and go back to the house where the family, not only sleep, but finally something binding activity.

Source by Ethan Henkel

Camping Holidays – Pros and cons of

The benefits of camping holidays begin the adventure. The family can go wherever you want and camp there until it is. A base camp for a family can go for a walk in the wild and see the true nature habitat. You can also make your way through the huge lakes to fish or swim, and if they find an adventure park can spend the day with zip lining around the trees as fast as you can go that is fun for everyone.

This is where you begin the disadvantage, however, because some people like routine, and they do not want to bother you live in a tent in a week or two. Sometimes there are no shower facilities and people to use solar shower, which is not a problem, but some people feel self-conscious of their bodies when a. Toilet another great disadvantage if the camping facilities are not provided, because people have to go and dig themselves into a hole or use a common one that many consider worse.

for others the freedom to outdoors outweighs the disadvantages related to home comforts such as a shower using the toilet. I also enjoy that you can not use mobile phones because they are an invasion, which can ruin a vacation when someone uses their own keep. While camping, people can get away from the thick smog of the city, which many people believe that is unhealthy. The great outdoors is nothing like fresh air, and most people think this is a huge advantage for camping holidays.

down a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the core, that is what most people think of camping.


1) Adventure

2) Seeing Wildlife

3) Clean Air

4) No Mobile

5) No Internet

6) no traffic

7) without interruption


1) No toilet

2) No Shower

3) Board provided for you

4) Living in tents

5) Bugs

6) little or no electricity

7) not much to do if you're not adventurous

in summary, the advantages and disadvantages of the camp seems to be in full view. What people need to realize that the camp is good fun, as long as everyone involved in enjoying themselves, because if someone is not having fun, the road is ruined. If the worst comes to the worst, building a huge bonfire and staying late at night it is something everyone enjoys doing.

Source by Emma Darling

importance of family in our lives

The family is an important part of everyday life. It helps us in improving our personality. It also helps in shaping our lives. It teaches us the value of love, affection, care, truthfulness and self-confidence, and provides us with tools and proposals that are necessary to succeed in life.

Family is a place where you can be yourself. It is a place where you accept what you are. This is where you are completely stress-free, and everyone is there to help. Family encouraging if you are surrounded by problems. This will help you survive the hard times and joy and happiness in life.

honest communication is very important in everyday life. This helps us to have a strong relationship with others and with us come across as a very nice, intelligent and likeable man. Everyone likes to be a company with such a person. Family helps bring decency into our lives, which is necessary to lead a happy life.

One of the most important goals of our lives is to build a successful and lucrative career. Families can help to create a bright future. This gives us valuable suggestions for different future career. This will not only lead us to choosing the best financially but also helps to cover the costs of education. Thus it helps to have a good future.

The importance of family is likely to occur when one went on vacation or celebrate the occasion without family members. It was really hard to celebrate an occasion or went on holiday without being surrounded by family members. At the time, probably we realize how important they are to us. At that time, we have come to know the importance of our families.

Today, most people do not realize the importance of family. They prefer to spend most of your time with your friends. But when they are surrounded by problems that the family that helped them get rid of the problem. At a time when even the best of friends refuse to help us make this our family that came to help us. So it is very important that each person, it is important that families above anything else, and spend time with family members.

Source by Karan Kapoor