Family life in the 18th century

Marriage, children, economic circumstances and social status were closely linked in the 1700s. The majority of families were like Daniel Defoe, the famous English author, the "middle class" or the middle class, which was not a marital status before the 18th century. In the 1600's, people were either rich or privileged or completely poor and there was no one among them. The rise of the middle class in the XVIII. It started in the century and its impact on the family was enormous.

The top class women and men have not married for love. Instead, they were strictly married for financial and social reasons. Women who still want to live in a wealthy household simply have not married a middle or lower class man. A self-conscious gentleman did not even consider marriage to a poor family of a woman. It was unlikely that he possessed the social grace and dowry needed to go to such a society. In addition, the rumors would be full of a rich young man wanting such a poor girl. Perhaps he was "married" and was willing to get her? Such humiliation could never be visited by his family.

The middle class, however, could marry whom they preferred. It did not make sense to middle-class women to marry a poor man as his children would be raised in poverty, but if his happiness depends, his family is unlikely to interfere. It was not necessary to marry social status or wealth, as the middle class did not.

Yet the concept of middle class remains a privilege. By the 18th century, like the middle class, it did not exist. The lower class worked hard to live a life and their children are expected to work with them. The school was a privilege that only the upper class could afford. And in the 18th century, the infant was still not in the lower class. The industrial revolution has brought incredible changes to the society of the 1700s. The overwhelming majority of the people who worked in new factories that produced products such as agricultural equipment, clothing and toys were in a lower class. Not surprisingly, lower-grade children have also worked in these factories that earn far less than their parents' poor pay. The kids worked as hard as their parents, who often wear heavy materials or sit in industrial machines for hours in the shameful factory conditions. If at that time the "sweatshop" had been made, then they actually described those factories where these lower-class families worked.

However, the middle and upper classes did not enter the factory. The middle class kids first went to school in history. In the summer and fall months only famers children took time out of school to help crop and harvest crops in the summer and fall months. She determined if her wife was able to work outside the home or whether her children were attending school or not. He owned all the property and money of the family. Divorce was extremely rare, as women leaving their husbands did not have viable means of survival. Mothers generally stayed at home, held a fireplace, and produced more children. Their work is not easy. The mothers cleaned the house, handmade their clothes on their family, cooked, thought about the kids, held a garden, and usually tried to meet their husbands. Women's social status was much lower than men and they rarely questioned her husband's decisions.

However, many families in the upper and middle class were quite satisfied in the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution has stirred up new technologies that make life easier. Marriages were generally harmonious, the children were kindly treated and their faith in God was extremely important. The people's inherent goodness provided a solid backbone for families and created a law-abiding and civilized society in which families flourished

Source by Lucy Bushman

Adventures in Peru – Car Shopping in Tacna

New cars here are very expensive in Peru due to customs and taxes. The average Peruvian can not afford a car, and even a driving license is uncommon. Of those who can afford cars, most of them buy imported cars from Japan. Once the cars arrive, the right-hand drive moves to the left-hand drive. If you are an experienced converter, you are doing a really good job, and for the first time you will never know that they have been restructured. In Tacna, a southern Peruvian town in Chile near the border where I have an ocean port, I made a big deal.

I bought my first car in Arequipa three years ago and this was not a good experience. Because of the inappropriate import documents, it lasted six months before I was licensed and able to drive. It was a 4×4 Nissan station, but it was not for driving the big highway, which you have to do here at Cotahuasi. After endless repairs, I finally decided to get different vehicles as it needed something right for the adventurous business. He talked to Lucho, whose family here was my family and gave me a lot of advice.

First, despite the importance of tourism in Peru, the use of gringoes is a national Entertainment here. Lucho protects me like a puppy brother, though I think I'm older than he is. He used to be a policeman, so he has many experience wisdom. He gave me detailed instructions on what to do and do not do in Tacna. Most cars are sold in a special area called Ceticos, which is a reduced customs import area. It looks like a low-budget used car shopping mall where 40 or 50 dealerships are likely to sell cars. Knowing that I would pay more for the same car than a Peruvian, I would like a Peruvian friend to go with me To do the negotiations. But last week, no one was able to go with me when I had to leave. I sold my old car at Arequipa Monday afternoon and stayed on the bus for the six-hour trip to Tacna that night. One of my friends, Hector, said he could help me, but only for a day. I said I'm going to spend Tuesday and Wednesday, and if I find something suitable, I'll call him and take a bus on a Wednesday night to help me on Thursday. It was not an ideal situation, but Lucho told me that in the middle of the week it was the best and safest time to buy a car, too crowded and unsafe on the weekend. Checks are generally not used, so I reported that I would pay cash. There are so many big deals at banks. Lucho said I would take the seller to my bank, give them the money there and sign the papers so I do not walk over $ 10,000 in my pocket. He also said I ignored all those who tried to talk to me, help me or asked me to help them. He warned me to be careful not to hit anyone or to hit the bank because they were "accidentally" making a mark on their backs. When he leaves the bank, a zigzag sees the trademark and knows that he has a lot of cash. They will follow it until they have the opportunity to kidnap. 19459002

I came to Tacna at around 4:30; Fortunately, we could sleep on the bus until we had a more reasonable hour in the morning. Finally I stopped trying to sleep at about 6 am and went and found a nearby hostel. They said they would keep my bag until I got back in the evening to log in so I did not have to pay an extra daily charge. There were no restaurants around, so I went back to the bus station and breakfasted before I went to Ceticos.

Import laws have changed so fewer vehicles are transported to Peruba than there. But there are still hundreds of cars, pickups and vans in the large warehouse like the Ceticos buildings. Conversions are taking place there, which is only possible because they can buy cars cheaply and the workforce is very cheap here in Peru. A factor made it easier for me; I knew exactly which vehicle I was looking for – a Toyota Hi-Ace van, 4 wheel drive and manual gearbox. A large part of the combis (light truck service) is Hi-Aces and these are all hand-held; All I had to do was find the 4×4 model I saw here in Cotahuasi.

When we left Japan 20 years ago, almost all of the vehicles sold were still on emission reductions, with very little automation. However, over the past 10 years, vending machines have become more popular, probably due to the almost universal use of mobile phones. I found many beautiful Hi-Ace pickups with 8 seats comfortably, but most car models and none were four-wheel drive. The Town-Ace is a bit smaller, but I was also looking for them, the same problem. I found a 4×4 van, but it was a Mitsubishi and a car, and it was too expensive. Finally, I started to watch small SUVs like 4Runner and Pathfinder, but they were just automatic. They also had some Land Cruisers, but they were close to $ 20,000. One agent said that a friend who was not a notary was available for a handheld 4Runner but returned to the city for about 10 minutes.

Remember Lucho's advice, I refused to bid How I see it. I did it with her and her colleagues across Ceticos as she tried to find one and the phone number of her friend's office to call her. At this time we visited another friend who said that he knew a salesman in the city and wanted to be there to see it. Finally, after finding nothing in Ceticos, I nervously agreed to look at the people in the city as they seemed to be nice and so hard to try to find a vehicle.

Fifth or Sixth Idea when we picked up a fourth young man (who was associated with one of the owners) in Tacna and still did not see any vehicle. After driving the car away from the city center, I was very upset and I thought I'd jump out of the car when I saw a police officer and finally arrived there where one truck was supposed to be. Another five minutes later, someone set up a very damn 4Runner who wanted $ 10,000 and was an automatic! Then we went to the notary's office. He sold those he wanted to show me, but he sold the new $ 19,000. I said it was good, but it was too expensive, and it was automatic. Then they wanted to show me another and I said no, "Take me back to Ceticos!" After I lost a couple of hours and 10 feet of petrol I was asked to pay, I was happy to return to Ceticos, where I looked at the remaining places I have not been before.

There was no 4×4 manual wagon at one vendor and I was ready to quit and go back to town. First, I decided to look at Mitsubishi again and see that there is something cheaper. It turned out I misunderstood the price and I was in the budget. With my best negotiation tactics I managed to reach the price with a thousand dollars, but maybe it was still more than a Peruvian payment. I really needed a vehicle to buy, so I decided to buy it, even if it was an automatic one. I spent the paperwork the next day, made money from the United States, transferred the money and made minor repairs on the van. The papers had to be done by a notary, the seller whose employee was the same as the previous day. Fortunately, Hector made it to Tacna to help all these things and make sure everything is correct.

We received the necessary permission to return to Arequipa without registration and at 19:30 Finally we are ready to leave. We got some roast chicken and potatoes, the first meals since breakfast, picked up my bag at the hotel and headed to Arequipa. We still had to go over to the customs checkpoint, but Hector did everything there and we were on a 30-minute journey. As we went to a small town, I saw a policeman standing near the road and a sign saying "Control." I asked Hector that we should stop and say no, so we went. Approximately one and a half hours later, while we were going through a toll, a police officer waved us to the edge of the road. I showed him the license papers and said he needed to go back about. 60 miles to the control point to stamp them. It was late and I did not want to consume the fuel so they would have been asked if we could avoid the back. He took me to the building, stamped the papers, and said we could continue. We arrived at Hector, where at 2 o'clock I park my car at Arequipa, I'm tired, but I'm grateful for a successful trip. The next day, after waiting a few hours and standing in the queue, all the registration papers were submitted, and now I have to wait for 10 days to get the title, and a few more days to get the license plates. Then I can drive your car!

Source by Vic Hanson

The Advantages and Disadvantages of City Breaks

The concept of urban breaks has sought many fans in recent years. There are people who like this kind of treatment and have long enjoyed it. But then it is good to look at how urban breaks can offer you the benefits and disadvantages.

One of the advantages of spamming is that it is relatively affordable. This is a good alternative to getting rid of the hectic and stressful life that arises in our daily life. An ideal solution is to reduce the pressure for a few days or even a weekend. This is a cheap choice compared to the long, packed holiday package.

With city breaks, there are many more types to vacation. You can see different places, fun activities, and feel energetic during that. You get an atmosphere and mood that fits well with your mental and physical well-being. People say that urban breaks are good if you want to renew yourself and free one day's routine. It feels fresh and rejuvenated and has more enthusiasm for your routine. This is certainly a good advantage and what you need to consider in the near future.

Determines where you want your destination. You should consider your time, your budget, and your goals. Certainly, the purpose is to break away from work and busy routine. Then you will think of a place where you can relax and just enjoy the view and do anything else.

As for disadvantages, you need more freedom. Since city breaks are mostly short and budget, you should see more, do more, and possibly extend your stay. If you were thinking of a holiday trip at the same destination where you would take a break, you could stay longer and plan a longer vacation. So they probably spend more.

Many tour operators offer city breaks for passengers as an option. Some people want to travel for a long time, and there are some who just want a short trip. Here comes the urban breaks; This is a good opportunity for anyone who is a practical and perhaps cost-saving way to leave a stressful routine. This may be what you are looking for – short, affordable, convenient, and a temporary retreat.

So this is still a personal choice and you really need to take advantage of the city's breaks. If you are rejuvenated and have done their goal, you have chosen it right.

Source by Potko Potev

A small family is a happy family

There was a time when people were proud of having big families. But today, things have changed. People recognize the importance of having a small family.

There are so many benefits to having a small family. Below are some of the advantages:

1- The size and financial position of the family are closely related. The larger family's life costs are much higher, as there are more costs associated with food, clothing, toys and education, while the cost of small families is very low.

2- Parents can easily fulfill the needs of one or two children. They are able to provide them with the best education and take care of them, while many children take care of the parents, can not meet the basic needs of children. Therefore, children are suffering, parents are suffering and the nation suffers.

3- Parents can take care of their children with care if they have one or two children. They can pay due attention to their education and needs. Parents can provide the best support for them. Of course, children become good citizens

3- A child living in a small family receives more support from their parents than in a big family. If parents have many children, they can not provide the best support for everyone, while parents have little children to support them.

4- Family size also affects your health, Especially mother and child. Frequent pregnancy may cause illness for both the mother and the child. This can disrupt the health of women.

So a small family is really a happy family.

Source by Karan Kapoor

Five Reasons to Work for the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is a huge global industry that meets the needs of those who travel away from home to provide facilities and services such as A Hotel accommodation, air and road transport. Nearly one billion people take part in international travels in this industry, which generates billions of dollars a year. Sometimes you can decide which industry to work with can be quite difficult as there are many options in the world. The following are five reasons why you should work in the travel and tourism sector.

1. There are lots of job opportunities available. The travel and tourism sector has many opportunities for people in employment. You can work in the aviation sector, on roads, on rail and on water, in accommodation providers, such as hotels and resorts, leisure and business travel agencies and guides. We can now work from home through technology that is suitable for people who are children or children who have children or children and do not want to stay away from home

. The perks are good. The travel industry does not have many other industries. For example, airline staff can get free tickets to themselves and their immediate family members to fly to any location where airlines fly. Those who work as travel agents can receive reduced travel and pay lower rates. Then there are also dissemination paths for those in the industry. Consider expenditures such as Seychelles, France, the Mombasa shore of Kenya to name but a few

. It's a growing industry. Despite the recent downturn due to terrorism and the world's recession, the travel industry is optimistic about their growth. In good times and in bad times, people are always pushing for movement. And more and more places are available for air travel, air travel and hotel discounts to fit in the pockets of people, there is reason to believe that the travel industry will grow and reach more markets that are good News For service providers. In addition, technology similar to the Internet has made it possible to reach markets anywhere in the world.

4. Never boring. Working in the industry almost means you will meet new people from time to time. This is especially true for those who work first in travel agencies, airlines or hotels. Those who work in aviation are given the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, visit different cities and see and experience different cultures. This can never be a boring job.

5. You do not have to study for years to work in the industry. You may want to have a certain profession, but because of the learning years involved in learning you might be scared of it. Not so in the travel and tourism sector. Three to six months may be enough depending on the degree you are learning to start working for the exciting industry. Some people started working on some of their work and experience in certain areas of the industry, even at the beginning of their working ability, and later studied paper-based qualifications.

Source by Timothy Ijala

Holiday Malia, Crete and Facts

Malia is a city of Crete that has earned enough reputation. If you are party, then Malia is the place to go. Holidays Malia itself is experience. Being honest, Malia's beaches are the best on the island of Crete. Beautiful sandy sections only disappear on the horizon. All the beaches are equipped with a sun terrace, so you can search for sunny friends. Or if you're on a frigid friday night, they're ideal for sleeping in the rest. "

For those who survived Malia's evenings, there are plenty of water activities available: jet-ski or sail and sailing the deep blue sea, the main thing is that the Malia celebrations are among the best summer breaks

When you leave the beach late in the afternoon, you can choose from a bunch of bars and restaurants, and if you have to eat something on the beach, there are plenty of snack bars that will satisfy your needs, but in the evenings the possibilities are literally endless. , Indian and Chinese dishes, or simply ordering a hamburger menu

After filling your stomach with a few Malia dishes, it's time to reach the nightlife. The city is full of Greek bars, English and Irish pubs and With disks that take up busy hours early in the morning (when it's time to get back to the beach again).

Malia is not just a place to visit the legendary and wild nightlife. There is a historic place and you can taste the taste of ancient Greece in this part of the island. And if you rent a car in Malia, you can visit all the ancient places on the Crete Island with your friends or family.

And do not forget about an important fact about Malia: this is a very cheap place to go for a holiday. Whether you rent an apartment or book a hotel or choose a studio for your holiday, the places are all very affordable.

So let's go through a few details:

Travel Malia, Crete

Many airlines fly to Heraklion during the season. There are also cheap airlines that organize flights to other airports in the island. In winter, the only airline flying to Crete is really Olympic Airways.

The flight to London to Heraklion takes approximately 4 hours. It takes approximately 45 minutes for Heraklion. Bus to Malia center. If your agent arranges for a transfer, bus travel can take longer than many other stops.

Hotels and apartments, what is your choice?

There are currently about 25 hotels in Malia and about 40 residences. Popular hotels Malia "Malia Park", "Alexander Beach" and "Malia Beach". These hotels are 4 and 5 stars. The popular residential buildings are "Parthenis Beach" (3 stars) and "Acrogiali" (4 stars).


Malia is not so great, downtown is best for just walking around. However, some hotels are located outside Malia. In this case, the best taxi or rented car. During lunch time, it is best to avoid this mode of transport.

Your Document

For Crete flight, you need passports or valid travel documents.

Season, Climate

Winter is not hot, and many Malia are also closed. The seaside holidays in Crete are the most favorable from Malia from June to September. In these months, it never really falls and the temperature is comfortable. In July and August the temperature can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius. Please note that during the July and August high season, Malia and Crete are very busy.

You can pay for Malia in euros. Replacing US dollars and pounds is not really a problem. Credit cards are accepted everywhere and there are many ATMs in the city.


The typical key in Malia is normal. Here is an indicative amount:

Catering: just leave the change

Taxi: visit the taxi

Hairdresser: round up the amount

Pullers: 2 and 3 euros / bag is normal

Maids: 2-3 euros a day

Guides: 2-5 euros per person (depending on how large the group is).

And just like a note: Tips that fall under 50 cents are considered an insult. So keep that in mind.

Time Zone

On Crete 2 hours later than in England and 1 hour later than on the European continent. ] Language spoken Malia

The language spoken in Crete (and thus Malia) is Greek. In Malia, English and German are not really a problem. Everyone speaks English and a lot of people in German.

Telephone and cell

Greece and Crete country code +30. Using a mobile device is no problem if you subscribe to one of the major mobile phone providers.


Men's 220 V AC Women's hairdryers work at 220 volts!


Malia and Crete are safe enough. There is not much crime. Keep things safe in your accommodation. Additionally, the local police are relentless to the people who are fighting after excessive alcohol consumption. For a while, going to jail is no exception to the rule. Thus, among young people, readers are to behave yourself. Do not spend your freedom in jail.

Important! The possession of drugs will be imprisoned for a long time or for a long period of time.

So when you're ready For a vacation, start a few flights to Malia. It's time!

Source by Co De Naam

5 Ideas for Fun Things That Include Air Conditioning

The summer day is getting higher in the sky every day, the outside temperature rises so much that you often feel inside your children. If you are looking for entertaining and interesting ways to entertain your clan without getting too hot this summer, try five great ideas here!

1. There is an Indoor Treasure Hunt

One way to entertain children is to entertain without leaving the house to hold home-made treasure hunting. Make a set of traces for each player or each player to create a set of urls to his own and then replace it. Consider the embroideries for young children to entertain you more. Each trace will lead in another direction, and so on until the player arrives at the treasure. You can use envelopes to hide the clues and offer such a small price as a game or a sweet one who solves the puzzles and first wins the treasure

. Create a Family Recipebook

Another entertaining family project that guarantees you have plenty of time to engage your kids in the family recipe book. Not only will this be a fun way to spend the afternoon in the summer, but to teach the kids an important skill they will definitely use when they move to college or workforce. Not only that by the end of summer, kids will have a healthy list of recipes to make dinner for the whole family. No more slave on a hot stove for mom and dad

3. Indoor campsite

If it's too hot to go out to pub (or the public park is too far away), consider the picnic Site and campsite. Give children different materials, bedding, aprons, cardboard boxes, foam sponges, or even a real tent, and look at creative instincts, because they build their own strength wildly. From the reading of spooky campfire stories, they get an exciting mood with a flashlight in the tents. Bonus points for picnic blankets with cakes, cheese and apple slices!

4. Go to Library

Library is a great place to take kids when it's too hot for the outside game. Numerous libraries offer summer reading programs for children, which can be extremely useful for lovers of lifelong reading. They will earn points and often win prizes, the more books they read. In addition, many libraries offer stories for younger children. Apart from entertaining kids, leaving a few hours roaming and reading in the library, they often come home with amusement lessons.

5. View a Medieval Exhibition

Another educational opportunity to keep cool to bring your family to a medieval entertaining show. Kids will learn how life was like in the Middle Ages, as they see actors trained in contemporary costumes, dressed as gentlemen or ladies, or as riding rackets. They will love an authentic medieval food in their hands while displaying real rivalry in their eyes.

Source by Clinton Rhodes

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Group Holidays

When I was 17 from the dormitory and went to a group holiday to Ibiza. One week was over-drinking, falling and broken ankles. After returning from 12, only 4 talked to each other. Until recently, this experience was my only group holiday, and I was always very doubtful. Family group holidays are a bit different in fish and can cause even greater problems.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of adventure games? The disadvantages are quite obvious: It is more difficult to make decisions that are simple things like eating.

  • Travel with people you meet, and in some cases you do not know how to burden your personal space. It is difficult to find "alone" the time of freedom.
  • It can ban the freedom. You're trying to get a big group to go somewhere or do something, get tired, and sometimes you're just looking for an interesting cruise ship.


      • Shared experiences. Have you ever been on vacation with your friend / girlfriend and trying to explain the wonderful excursion to your friends? After photo 90, they often lose interest. Travel with them is lifelong memories that are bound forever.
      • You can rely on someone else. If you are in trouble, you will be surrounded by close friends and / or family members who help you stay in a Greek hospital while your broken leg improves or lends you something.
      • Security. As the above groups are often safer than traveling alone, thieves and pocket thugs are less likely to target you if you have a group of men and women.
      • It may be cheaper to work. Bulk and generally 10 more group bookings can result in a favorable discount and you do not have to worry about one-off supplies.
      • Group travel allows you to do things you can not do otherwise. Say, for example, that your husband loves hiking, and can not travel with friends somewhere else to say, lie on the beach or go to India. She will not miss it, and she will not.

      Are there any destinations that match the group's experience? Very much. Ever wanted to climb Kilimanjaro? Well, most of the hikers are in a friendly company or social club or bands who travel together through a group. Hiking is a certain pursuit, but there is still a need for other corporate hiking, just in case. If you decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you will need a guide that will show you the way. Many holiday companies offer Kili excursions and either book as a friendship or just one. Then we're in a group you can trust during your trip and I will have a lifelong friendship.

      Far away from hiking, long-distance trips to developing countries or activity Holidays can be extended to group holidays. One week in Andorra rafting, cycling and walking a week's best to share with your partner, friends or family. If you are a single traveler, try an adventurous company as it will undoubtedly lead you to a solarium. The on-going / round-the-word / gap journey may be as self-reflective as we may think we want to do it. Places such as India, Thailand or Peru are hot destinations for both friends, schools, and individual travelers. The "exterior" of these places means that most people feel happier with a group of travelers than alone. With all these considerations and the recent rise of Kilimanjaro I came to the conclusion that while "All the love to go alone, the band is actually more entertaining and safer. A common moment is a living moment, not what you may doubt later.

      Source by Thom Sanders

  • 6 Tips to Send More From Business Christmas Greeting Cards

    Holidays in a year of the year everyone thinks about sending greeting cards. This season is one of the most important years of the year to send the cards. These tips will help you get more bids on your cards and avoid frequent mistakes.

    1. The first and most important business Christmas cards usually show more than any other card sent. It does not matter that cards are sent to other business professionals or consumers who we all want to show them during the Holidays. We place them on the office shelf, the office door, the car wall, or our consumer customers, between the fireplace chamber, the refrigerator, or the bookshelves.

    Since our cards are displayed Special attention has to be paid and really should be highlighted. This simple strategy is one of the simplest to get more referrals.

    2. Whatever you do, do not be boring with your business Christmas cards.

    Boring stored stored cards will never be picked up and examined. I pay particular attention to creating an entertaining and unique unique Christmas card. You can use technology such as Send Cards to make a fun card with your photos. Use a photo of a staff fun instead of a simple logo. Human nature is that we are attracted to people's photos, especially when we know people in photos or photos.

    If you get bored, nobody will pick up and ask "Who's this?" How many such opportunities do you get for a referral if you send a boring business? Have you purchased a Holiday card?

    3. Send your cards early. Do not wait for the last minute.

    What's happening during the holidays? Holidays! If the Christmas card is the first, and it's fun and interesting, it will definitely appear. When people come to the Holiday party, many of them will see the card and have the chance to pick it up. If you send it later, you can not leave room on the shelf. It's not just that, but it's possible that the freedom fighters have all been done. By signing up later and submitting later, you will miss the opportunity to refer to it for free.

    4. Send yourself a test card NOW.

    Because it's a business Christmas card, it's important to send a test now. Do not wait until the last minute. So you have the opportunity to verify and modify it before sending it to customers. There is nothing worse than sending 300 unique Christmas cards to your customers only to find out that they have a clear spelling or that your photos are not printing properly. There is a greater chance that the card will appear if you use a vertical design instead of a horizontal one.

    Because Christmas Cards Generally Appear Do not use a horizontal design. Because horizontal cards are easier to fall, they will not appear. Additionally, more vertical cards can be inserted into the bookcase or fireplace mantle, so you have a greater chance of appearing on the screen.

    6. Do not ask for references to your business Christmas cards. If you have a plea in my Christmas card, I know you really do not care about me. I know that you only send me this to try out more links.

    He wants his clients to feel as if they are caring for them. If you feel like you do not care, you will not trust the links!

    If you follow the tips above, you will be entertaining and interesting holiday cards, and of course you get referrals from them. Just entertaining and knowing your customers that you are a real person, you receive more receipts.

    Source by Benjamin Fitts

    Multinational Homes – Your Advantages and Disadvantages

    Are you living in your home with your children, your mother and your father? For some cultures, this is a very common lifestyle, and in Canada, every culture is becoming more and more common. Like all things, many generations of people under one roof will have a positive and a negative point. I would like to show you some of this article. If you have left your parents and you think you are going back for whatever reason, this article can help you make that decision.

    Let's start on the positive side.

    • can be in a better economic sense. If the real estate property is very large, for each family there is a floor, this can not be done
    • .

    • you live with your whole family. A positive family feeling is a positive, close relationship with another.
    • If there are younger children in the house, there is no need for babysitters because they usually have at least one family member. Older generations are able to support or advise younger generations, especially with regard to juvenile education.
    • older generations may have health problems, so younger members of the property can support them to get the most out of their lives. Assistance with each other is a great asset for coexistence, think that you have come home from a long working day and someone has prepared you a meal.
    • The older generation may feel alone, especially when housekeepers or losing their life partners. Living with their children and grandchildren can help overcome these emotions, as there are always people close to whom they can be called.

    So what's not a good point?

    • Some people feel like they do not have a real private space, as if they were never alone.
    • Parents and Grandparents may feel that they interfere in their lives or feel that they are constantly intervening in yours.
    • how to raise up your children can cause problems and other family members ignore the child what they want.
    • The very close relationship between children and their parents is not always good (women usually hate being compared to their partner's mother – eg "Nobody can cook like my mother")
    • to adapt and take into account the needs and wishes of other age groups (sometimes surprisingly different). Of course it is inevitable to live in a home that can accommodate more family members Forest Hill Houses are ideal for this.
    • It is very difficult to give every universal good and bad area for multiple generations under one roof – all from relationships between family members and clear definition of clear rules.

    Put the angle of vision forward, do not tell people what you think they want to hear, you must be open. Just because someone else in the family wants to do this does not always mean that it is so, so it should not be persuaded. If you have told and done everything, if you are a bit miserable, other people will feel this, which will result in a very tense home, and relationships will collapse.

    Source by Elli Davis